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Special Projects



Special projects is where we have the most fun. Using theatrical techniques and equipment in non theatrical enviroments. Our pictures show a small selection of 600+ trees and an ice rink we install at Canary Wharf every year, an Ice Sculpture we lit at the London Eye, and a permanent lighting sculpture we installed behind the oxo tower.

We claim the record for the worlds largest big red nose when we lit the outside of the millenium dome as it was then, red for red nose day in 1999. We have worked in shopping centres, department stores to create theatrical excitement.

On a more down to earth note we have installed drapes in a number of crematoriums learning more that we perhaps wanted to in the process. But again its providing theatrical equipment in a non theatrical enviroment.

Recently we lit several sculptures including a 4mt wide Red poppy at Canary Wharf. We also lit the "halo" of canary wharf tower with red for sports relief Current projects include a colour changing Church and enormous drapes for the military

We always like a challenge,so if you would be interested in a conversation our contact details are below


To contact us phone 0208 887 0082 or emai