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Industry Standard Location flightcased Make Up mirror

discounts available for long term hire and quantity

35.00 70.00

A smart beechwood surround dressing room mirror with 8 x 15 watt lamps for even illumination - Now in white

670mm x 512mm

Please note these are now only available in white

35.00 70.00
A Traditional Theatre Freestanding Makeup Mirror ideal as a prop. If you want to put on makeup use the ones above. 8 x tungsten light bulbs on a freestanding mirror to fit on a table top. Sometimes reffered too as a Holywood mirror 40.00 80.00

Coloured Mirrors

We do have a limited stock of Dressing room mirrors with coloured surrounds, Black, Pink, Gold, and Wine Red.

We also offer a bespoke manufacturing service, so if we dont have what you want, get in touch we can always build one for you

40.00 80.00

Leopard Skin Mirrors.

No Other company offers you such a choice

40.00 80.00

The Landscape mirror.

Responding to customer demand for a wide table top mirror we created the landscape mirror, our most stylish mirror to date. At 1mt wide x 600mm high with 17 lamps this is guaranteed to light the darkest corner. A superb Mirror

50.00 80.00

The No Mirror Mirror.

A unique mirror without the mirror glass designed for those "through the Mirror" Shots

40.00 80.00
A Full length Traditional Theatre Mirror. 1.96 mts high x 0.75 mts wide these are enormous, perfect to get the Full Look 40.00 80.00

Truly these are Monster Mirror's at 1.2mts wide x 1.96 mts high. Wide enough to show the widest ball gowns, and made using top quality mirror

They are built to match the Full length Mirrors so can be used to create mirror walls and rooms

60.00 100.00

The Urban Work station

A modern styled Illuminated mirror work station, with the table set at a comfortable height for a Makeup Artist / Stylist with a client in a makeup chair. Bright energy efficent lamps and includes power sockets with Phone charging points.

1.86mts high x 1.05 mts wide

60.00 100.00

The Island Mirror

Two Illuminated Makeup Mirrors back to back with tables, power outlets, and even a phone charger outlet. All mounted on a sturdy Wheeled frame. A dressing room on wheels.

60.00 100.00

The 2fer Mirror

The ultimate mobile mirror. A Full length Traditional Mirror on the front with a Makeup Mirror and Table on the back complete ith power outlet.

So you can sit down at the Makeup Mirror, do your makeup and then move round to the front in costume to see the yourself in your full glory.

Supplied with LED lamps its the closest match to Theatre and Film lighting we know.

60.00 100.00

Full length Illuminated mirrors with daylight fluorescent tubes either side

we only have a limited stock so book early

35.00 60.00
Full Length Cheval Mirror 20.00 40.00
Make Up Chairs 20.00 40.00
Portable Make Up Chair 15.00 20.00

Folding makeup Chair


15.00 30.00
Dressing Room Screens. 1.5mt x 1.5mt covered with two layers of Black Inherently Flame Retardent material so meets the British Standard for use in Public Building, and back stage 15.00 30.00

Temporary Dressing Rooms. Available in a 1.5mt square module with fixed black drapes, on three sides and opening on the fourth side.

Available as a single, groups or in rows, with or without mirrors, tables, chairs, and electrics.

Suitable for films, theatre, even retail. very popular for office party portable changing rooms. no longer do you need to shiver in a drafty corridor to change





5ft Clothes rails

5.00 15.00

Professional Makeup Table.

At over 1mt high this table puts a table top mirror at the correct height for someone sitting in a Makeup Chair, allowing the client to see whats going on and saves the makeup artists back.

Mirror and handsome model not included

7.00 10.00
Trestle tables 2mt 5.00 10.00
  Folding Chairs 3.00 5.00
Pipe and Drape system used to make tempoary dressing rooms etc POA  


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